Strategically partnering for your benefit

NSC has partnered with IBM to form a better bond between our customers, their IBM i and our consultants. We have been working with the IBM i and its predecessors since we opened our doors in 1981. Our partnership has been fueled by the talent of our staff and the desire to offer state-of-the-art solutions for the IBM i.

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Townsend Security

NSC partnered with Townsend Security to provide a PHP solution to connect their customers to their key management server quicker and with more ease. We have been working with Townsend security since 2012. This is an exciting partnership that allows us to help each other achieve greater services and better security for the IBM i.

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Zend Technologies

NSC is Zend Technologies North American IBM i strategic partner for PHP solutions development. Partnering with Zend Technologies in 2008 has made our services complete by providing your company rich web apps that can bridge your IBM i and the web. Not only has our partnership with Zend Technologies been strong, but it has also allowed us to provide unmatched services such as training and PHP development.

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